ESLA2000 Academic English for International Students - Presentation Task

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  • A poster is a graphic display of your work. It is a signature the study you’ve undertaken on the topic of your
  • It is a single PowerPoint slide with boxes of text and images.
  • Word count is about 300 to 800
  • All posters will be presented during tutorial sessions on Weeks 6-11. Length of oral presentation

– 5 min.

  • You may choose vertical or horizontal The most common orientation in the U.S., Asia and Australia is horizontal. The most common in Europe is vertical.
  • Your choice of software should be Microsoft
  • Important: please do not print your Please upload your poster PPT presentation into Turnitin via the link provided in the assignment folder.

Templates or Custom Design

Start from scratch or begin with one of the templates available here: If you start from scratch, any of the tutorials on the following websites are highly recommended.

Poster Design Tutorials

Poster Sections

  • Title: The title should reflect the content of your
  • Contact Information: Name, organisation (UoN), UoN e-mail address of the author should appear on the
  • Contents: The poster should contain the study aims, methods, results and
  • References: only cite key references integral to your Follow APA Referencing Guidelines.
  • All content should be simple and not overburdened with details – “minimising detail maximises information ”

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