EDU5IBP The Impact of Class Size on Learning and Behavior - Assessment Task: 2

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Final word count: xxxx (max. 5000 words)

Date: xx/xx/xxx

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Treat the headings below as a suggested template for structuring your project report. Use this template in conjunction with the AT2 instructions and rubric in the Subject learning Guide. Do NOT write an additional intro or conclusion. Do NOT write an intro or conclusion within any section. Just do what the instructions and rubric require, under the following headings. Wording examples are provided to give you some guidance re the succinct style expected, and tips are provided re the expected focus in each section.


Clear overview of the entire project and key findings (max 300 words)

Understanding the problem


  • Identify the key elements of the problem that prompted the project
  • Note any relevant contextual factors (inc. expectations or boundaries of the partner)

The identified problem concerned….

Background Research

  • Define key concepts.
  • BRIEFLY synthesise past PERTINENT research, scholarly literature and/or grey literature.
  • Highlight any tensions, doubt or debate about key assumptions or findings.
  • Identify knowledge weaknesses or gaps in the field.

The key concepts involved in the problem were defined in the following ways:

  • Xxx was defined as xxxxx.
  • Xxx
  • Xxxx

Several studies have shown that xxxx (author, year; author, year; author, year; author, year; author, year; author, year; author, year; author, year). …………….

There is relatively little clarity/confidence on the question of xxxxx. …………………

The problem defined

  • Present the outcome of your analysis of the problem, reflecting a close engagement with the research literature.
  • Articulate the problem that was investigated in the form of a clear question.
  • Identify the overall aim (i.e., goal or purpose) that answering the question will help to achieve.


  • Summarise how you collected and analysed/summarised relevant data:
  • What data did you collect, from whom or what sources, and how?
  • What data collection tools, if any, did you create and/or use?
  • What ethical considerations did you address, and how?
  • How did you analyse the data that you collected to produce meaningful information?


Key findings

Present in an easy-to-digest summary form, the overall statistics and/or themes that your analysis of the project data produced. Utilise graphs, tables, sub-headings, and paragraphs if/as needed to convey your findings as clearly and concisely as possible.  Remember you should have described how you analysed the data in the previous section; do not do that here.

Relationship between the findings and other research and/or scholarly thinking

Identify consistencies and inconsistencies.

How do your findings support, extend and/or challenge existing scholarship? Why or how so?


Given your understanding of the problem, collection of data, and engagement with scholarly literature, identify 3-5 key recommendations for how the industry partner can address the problem.

Based on careful consideration of the above project findings, the current scholarly literature, and the nature and context of the initial problem, the following three/four/five recommendations are offered:

  1. xxxx
  2. Xxx
  3. Xxxx

Outline relevant opportunities, risks, constraints, and enablers for each recommendation

Regarding the first recommendation, an opportunity exists to ….

When implemting the second recommendation, it will be important to consider ….

Regarding the third recommendation, an implementation challenge will be….


Use APA 7 style in your in-text citations and reference list entries, including a ‘hanging indent’ for end-of-text references as used here – see for detailed guidance and examples

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