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Assessment Task 1b Date due % SILOs Assessed
Critical analysis: 1600 words Friday 24 March 11:59pm 30% 1, 3
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Via the link in the LMS
Grading Criteria and Feedback
See rubric for grading. Feedback via LMS within 3 weeks
Description of Task
The aim of this task is to learn about and reflect critically on foundational curriculum, policies, and pedagogies, and to generate informed ways of thinking otherwise about these matters (SILOS 1, 3). Using the two articles selected for AT1a (selected from the EDU5CPP Reading List which adopt different perspectives on curriculum), write a critical analysis of the two articles. A critical analysis adopts a scholarly approach to writing that analyses, evaluates, and justifies decisions and/or positions. It uses recent, relevant, and authoritative literature to identify your understanding; requires you to reflect critically on your thinking; and requires you show how and what you have learned from your analysis.The critical analysis should be 1600 words in length. It should focus on the two articles selected but analyse these drawing on the other literature you have engaged with in this subject. It should consider your assumptions, beliefs and understandings about curriculum in line with the 4 Rs model of Report (Task 1a), Relate, Reason and Reconstruct (Task 1b) as follows.TASK 1b

Using the REPORT from Task 1a (please do not include in Task 1b), undertake the following:

RELATE: Identify aspects of the articles which have personal meaning or connections with your experience. Was there anything that triggered a specific emotion or response? Why? Has the article challenged your self-concept, assumptions, attitudes, values, and/or beliefs about curriculum perspectives? Is there anything you need to reconsider or change in your views about this topic?

REASON: Discuss, analyse, and evaluate what the article says about the curriculum and the wider educational context in which it is situated. Conclude your analysis by synthesising both articles in relation to the following:

RECONSTRUCT: Evaluate what you have learned about yourself and your understanding of curriculum issues and perspectives. What general conclusions can you draw? How could you apply what you have learned to your own work in education (if applicable).

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