EDU5CPP Big Ideas in Curriculum, Policies, and Pedagogies - Assessment Task 2: Investigative Article

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Assessment Task 2 Date due % SILOs Assessed
Investigative article: 2500 words Wednesday 12 April11:59pm 60 1, 2, 3
Submission Details
Via the link in the LMS
Grading Criteria and Feedback
See rubric for grading. Feedback vis LMS within 3 weeks
Description of Task
Select and investigate a myth related to curriculum, policy or pedagogy in an area of local, regional, state or national/international significance and write an investigative article about that myth. The aim of the task is to generate research-informed ways of ‘thinking otherwise’ about critical issues of curriculum, policies, and/or pedagogies (SILOs 1, 2, 3).Your investigative article is to be written for a community audience. It should use the readings from this subject relating to curriculum theories, policies, and pedagogies to critically analyse one myth to provide research informed ways of thinking otherwise about the myth. You will need to use recent peer reviewed authoritative literature, critically analyse the literature, and report justifiable and alternative perspectives to the myth. Use the assessment rubric (below) and the following guidance to structure, plan, and write your investigative article.

1.       Identify and explain a myth/area of investigation related to curriculum, policy, or pedagogy. The myth should be current, debatable (i.e., has different viewpoints), research informed, researchable, and able to be managed within the assessment requirements. (See the LMS Week 1 and the online text by Tait [2013] for examples of myths).

2.       Explain how the myth/area of investigation has local, regional, state or national/international significance.

3.       Investigate and critically analyse the myth by identifying 3-5 different viewpoints related to curriculum, policy, and/or pedagogies (must be referenced using recent, authoritative, and relevant literature).

4.       The myth-busting investigative article is written for an informed community audience. It must be scholarly and use peer reviewed literature and conceptual ideas, and express these in accessible language.

5.       Address the assessment criteria in each of the four steps.

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