EDU4002 - Assessment Task 3: Investigative Article

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Investigative Article (2500 words)

Submission Details

Submission online via the LMS.

Please upload your assessment as a single Word document before the due date.

Grading Criteria and Feedback

The grading rubric is found at the end of this guide. Feedback will be provided via the LMS.

Description of Task

Write an essay on an aspect of leadership and/or teams in education that has arisen from the reading you have done in this subject. The essay should be about 2500 words (excluding references). It should advance a clear line of argument and provide a critical view of relevant literature.


  1. Identify a major theme or topic of interest in the academic literature concerning education leadership and teams. Provide a clear description of the theme or topic of interest
  2. Locate further readings that explore the theme or topic of interest. Provide a synthesis and critique of the theory base on this topic.
  3. Make explicit recommendations for future practice. These recommendations should align with the critique that you have made in your essay.

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