EDF5761 Education in Contemporary Contexts

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Assessment Task One (Identification and Analysis of an Issue)

In your perusal of scholarly articles, the internet and the media, identify one issue which resonates with you.

1.       Locate the issue within the media

  • Identify at least four 'grey' sources and analyse how the controversy or debate is represented?
  • These articles should have appeared in the media in the last 12
  • Your analysis of these sources should take up about 700 words of your

2.      Transition your thinking from the media to scholarly writing in this field

  • What are the researched tensions/controversies?
  • Who are the key contributors and thinkers within this controversy?
  • Identify at least two articles that represent one side of the case and at least two that counter this view.
  • These articles should have been published in the last five
  • Your analysis of the four scholarly pieces should occupy about 700 words of your response.

3.       Shift to wider research in this area

  • Reflect on other studies which have contributed to the educational debate regarding this
  • Identify at least three empirical studies which have contributed to this dialogue in the last eight years.
  • Construct a cohesive discussion which draws these three pieces together into an interesting dialogue, incorporating theoretical underpinnings as appropriate.
  • This section of your response should take up about 700 words of your

4.       Exploring the implications:

  • Explore the implications of this debate for education, locally and
  • How has this controversy impacted on educational practice, policy and thinking?
  • Have key thinkers in this area introduced tools, measures, instruments or other enhancements to alter the educational landscape?
  • Has the debate made a difference to educational provision and practice globally?
  • This section of your response should take about 700 words, and should be supported with relevant literature in the field.

5.       Personal Reflection

  • In selecting this issue, you have revealed a personal slant toward this
  • What are your thoughts personally on the issue?
  • Which side of the debate are you leaning toward?
  • Why have you adopted this position?
  • This section does not require citations but could reference sources if you
  • This section should occupy about 400 words of your


The articles used for sections 1-3 should be different.

You can use the articles sourced in 1-3 to support the rest of the task, but it is wise to draw widely from the field.

You will draw on the same issue for Assessment Task Two so choose wisely.

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