EDF5761 Education in Contemporary Contexts - Poster Presentation

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Assessment Task Two (Professional Development – Adding your voice to the conversation)

Now that you have identified a key debate/controversy in contemporary education, your task is to present the controversy to a group of educators in order to impact on their philosophy and practice.


A local educational institution has invited you as an expert on the issue, to deliver a presentation to raise awareness. The institution in question is keen to draw on your expertise to enhance local educational provision.

Your task

Design and develop a presentation or poster which explores the issue, and offers practical strategies for implementation. Academic posters will be discussed in class.

Your presentation will cover these elements:

  • Introduction and context
  • Key thinkers or theorists
  • Empirical studies which demonstrate impact
  • Focus on local school or institution- how does this issue contribute to their
  • What are the practical implications for educators?
  • Strategies to develop and strengthen the profession in the short term and the long


Condense your first task into a media piece of about 800 wards and publish in a local media platform before the due date.

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