EDF5610 Interacting With Research in Education Contexts

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Assessment 1 Information

Annotated bibliography

Word Count Equivalent: 2,000 words
Weighting: 20%
Due Date and Time: Monday 22/08/2022, by 11:55pm
Return Date: 11/09/2022

Details of task:

In this task, you will choose an education issue from a list provided to you. These issues will match with the topics covered in the unit. Try to choose something you are interested in because this will form the basis of all the assessments in this unit.

When you have chosen a particular issue, you will search for FOUR relevant articles in the two recommended journals posted on Moodle in the relevant week. You need to choose at least two articles from one or both of these journals. Ideally, all four articles will be from these journals. If other journals are used for two articles, however, the journals need to be peer-reviewed. You will write a brief summary of each article in turn and critically discuss the article in relation to your chosen issue. You will finish with a section which makes connections between and among the articles. In this final section, you will also reflect on what the articles did NOT tell you in relation to your issue and what you would like to know more about.

Word count/equivalent: 2,000 words
Weighting/Value: 20%

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