EDES300 Comparative Education: Local and Global Contexts

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This assignment consists of 5 extended response questions.

Select one dimension of the Australian education system listed below. It is a good idea to choose a topic that you might later like to investigate in relation to other countries for AT2 and AT3.

Research your selected education system dimension and answer each of the five questions below.

Responses to each question should be approx. 150 words each. Please write your responses on a word document and include each of the questions with your written responses in the text (this will affect your Turnitin score slightly, but your markers will be aware of this). It is sometimes appropriate to use your own experiences as examples to answer some questions in this assignment if needed: If you do this, you must make it clear that this is your anecdotal experience. You need to include in-text references where appropriate, as well as a reference list. At least 2-3 references are expected in this assignment.

Dimensions of the Australian education system:

  • Rural and remote education
  • Inclusive education
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
  • Early childhood education pedagogy and practice
  • Access to early childhood education
  • Religious education
  • Public education
  • Vocational education and training
  • Sustainability and environmental education
  • Transitions (e.g. from EC to Foundation/Prep)
  • Another topic by negotiation with the LIC

Assessment 1 Questions

  1. Provide an overview of the dimension of the education system you have selected, briefly describing the selected dimension, important demographic statistics, the role of state or federal government in the education system or other information you think is relevant to the topic.
  2. Describe two relevant aspects of the Australian context of the education system dimension you have selected. Include two of the following: economic, historical, political, social, cultural or geographic context.
  3. Discuss a central issue or issues related to equity that are relevant to the education system dimension you have selected. What are the impacts?
  4. Identify one government policy issuerelated to the education system dimension you have chosen. Provide an overview of the policy problem and any identified policy responses.
  5. Discuss any issues related to globalisation or postcolonialism that are relevant to the dimension of the education system you have selected

Assessment criteria: Description of the Australian education system and its context, key questions related to equity, the policy context and the impacts of globalisation.

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