EDES105 - Personal Reflection and Analysis

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NITV: Personal Reflection and Analysis:

Personal reflection and analysis of the issues raised through NITV programs.

  1.  Watch NITV nightly news programs/current affairs Documentaries, and one other program scheduled on NITV, Chanel 34, (free to air) or Channel 172 (Foxtel).
  2.  Conduct further independent research on the issues and matters raised within your viewing.
  3.  Reflect on your own personal feelings about the issues raised, the way the issues are raised and how the issues are presented in both programs watched.
  4.  Write a personal reflection and analysis which stories your journey of this viewing experience. This is not a description of what you have watched.

Weighting: 25%

Length and/or format: 1000 Words

Purpose: This assignment seeks to challenge your understanding and connect you with current material which reflects the issues and lived realities of Indigenous peoples. Regular viewing will also provide you with an opportunity to appreciate the rich diversity of peoples and cultures within this continent.

Learning outcomes assessed: 1,4,5 and 7

Assessment criteria: The essay will be marked by your tutor using the following criteria.

  • Clear and concise introduction and conclusion
  • Reflection and critical analysis
  • Clear and coherent structure and development of ideas
  • Creative thinking

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