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Step One: Introduce and Analyse Issue/Challenge within a Context

  • Part A asks you to provide a clear and succinct discussion and analysis of an issue or challenge within a particular context that you may encounter in your role as a teacher (consider whether it is primary, secondary or early childhood)
  • First choose a context from section 1 below and complete Part A.
  • Second, choose one or more of the issues/challenges from the list below that might be relevant to the context. Choosing only 1 or 2 from sections 2-4 will provide more depth to your research and solution.

1. Contexts to explore issue/challenge: CHOOSE ONLY ONE

  • Teaching students in rural and remote communities
  • Teaching students who belong to refugee families or families who are seeking asylum
  • Teaching students for whom English is a second language
  • Teaching students from First Nations communities
  • Teaching students who are impacted by poverty
  • Teaching students with disability
  • Teaching to support mental health in students

2. Issues/Challenges in How Students Learn

  • Who or what is silenced or muted in the curriculum?
  • Whose knowledge is included in the curriculum? Excluded?
  • Rethinking understandings of curriculum
  • Indigenous perspectives: a perspective that there are multiple ways of knowing, being and doing

3. Issues/Challenges of an Ethical Nature

  • Behaviour management
  • Equity issues
  • Human rights
  • Conflicts between personal and professional ethics
  • Collegial ethical issues
  • Hidden curriculum institutional (un)ethical practices
  • Ethics comprehension: what does ethics mean to you?
  • Systemic power relationships
  • Case Studies from the Victorian Institute of Teaching

4. Issues/Challenges related to Communication and Partnerships

  • How to bring about lasting and meaningful change in relation to effective partnerships between families and centres
  • Communication
  • Socioeconomic diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Complicated life cycles
  • Understanding stress, mental health and other well-being issues
  • Providing support for Aboiriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, parents and families.
  • Providing support for parents and families from culturally and linguistically (CALD) backgrounds.

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