EDEN102 Children's Literature for Early Reading

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Extended Analytical Essay

Select three texts from the genres covered in this unit, read and evaluate each text with explicit reference to key literary theories and contexts. Choose one to read aloud to a group of young children and critically reflect and evaluate the read aloud with reference to children’s early reading development

Approx. 1600 words

The purpose of this assignment is to connect theories and strategies of children’s literature with actual literature as well as experience how to read aloud to children and engage them with children’s literature in that process.

Assessment 3

  • Analysis/reflection
    • Shows your learning from the professional term
  • Choose 3 picture books representing different genres
    • Published in the past 5 years
    • Cannot be ones you have used before
  • Write a 350 word summary for each book
    • What value it has related to what you have learnt in the professional term
    • Connect to what you have learned NOT on summarizing book
  • Select 1 book that you think would be ideal to read aloud to a particular age group
  • Then read the book out aloud to the
  • Reflect on the read aloud (500 words)
    • How did it go?
    • Focus on your learning
    • What might you do differently

Criteria from Rubric

  • Choose a range of high quality children’s literature
  • Identify and analyse the conventions, elements and context evident in the texts that relate to each genre and demonstrate learning unit content
  • Understand, respond to and critique the children’s literature from a theme perspective and drawing from a range of literary theories and academic sources
  • Read Aloud Summary and Reflection
  • Appropriate academic references used to support ideas, clear organisation of
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity of expression and APA referencing

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