EDEN102 Children's Literature for Early Reading - Short Analytical Essay

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Assessment 1

·     Short Analytical Essay: Response to Literature

·     Analyse and demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship of words and pictures in an assigned text.

Choose ONE option of these four to read and analyse:

  • Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters at the Seaside by Zanna Davidson
  • School of Monsters: Frank is a Big Help by Sally Rippin
  • Landing with Wings by Trace Balla
  • We Will Find Your Hat! A Conundrum by Candy James

Look at…

  • Visual literacy and how that is used with text to tell the
  • Specific features that are used to tell the story
  • How are images and text used together?
  • How does that work?
  • Describe the meanings and context of the book in general terms — Characters, Plot (compilation), Setting, Theme/significant message. Refer to the author and illustrator’s other books/awards won.
  • (just one paragraph)

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