EDEE553 Designing and making a device that uses a simple electric circuit

EDEE553 Assignment 2 Template

Assessment criteria Elaboration Alex Ricky
Staging PurposeIs there a clear purpose to each paragraph. If so, what is that purpose?

How does the paragraph structure reflect (or not reflect) the staging of an explanation?

Text coherenceComment on the coherence of the text.

What language features does the student use to create a logical flow between ideas, consistent with the requirements of the task?

Sentence level grammar Sentence complexityWhat kinds of sentences are used, and is the complexity of the sentences appropriate for the task?  
CohesionHow are cohesive devices used to connect ideas between and within sentences?  
Grammatical featuresComment on overall grammatical accuracy (e.g., subject-verb agreement; are the sentences complete?)

Is the use of verb tense consistent and appropriate?

Comment on any other relevant sentence structures (e.g., how information is ordered within the sentence)

Comment on any other grammatical features, such as expanded noun groups

  PunctuationIs the use of punctuation appropriate? Comment
Word level features VocabularyAre the word choices appropriate to the field, including the use of appropriate technical terms or nominalised forms?
SpellingHas the student demonstrated knowledge of complex spelling rules?

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