EDEC360 Professional Identities in Early Childhood

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Australian Professional Standards for Teachers resource portfolio and supporting reflective statement including research literature review.

Weighting: 50%

Length and/or format: 2000 Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes

Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4

How to submit: Submit via submission box on LEO

Return of assignment: Within 3 weeks of submission via submission box on LEO

Assessment criteria: Assignment are marked via rubric. See Appendix

Assignment description

This assignment requires a submission of an ePortfolio based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Graduate level as presented throughout the Module Topics. You will include a reflective statement supported by contemporary research literature providing evidence for the selection of supporting strategies included in your portfolio (2000 words). The expectation is that the Learning Outcomes of this unit guide each student’s selection of APST, and selection of resources with accompanying reflective statement using the readings from this unit. The analysis should demonstrate why and what you have learnt as you developed your professional identity throughout this unit and include evidence from your appendix. Your analysis must include annotated references to the resources in the portfolio and to the relevant literature that helped you construct your analysis. At least 20 references expected for a 2000 word assignment.

Note 1: In preparation for this assignment, you will develop your assignment each week as you construct your professional identity in relation to the 12 topics. You are required to complete reflections upon each of the resources chosen in relation to the teaching and learning modules. Guidance on how to undertake those reflections will be provided in the unit. The next step is to analyse your own Weekly Reflections with regard to the reading and research you have done in relation to the focus topic. Remember, you are not limiting yourself to WHAT you are learning but WHY it is making a difference to you. You then need to analyse all of your reflections, and decide which ideas, research literature and supporting strategies have been most important to you. Your reflections and their analysis are on-going; you will have less work at the end of the semester if you complete reflections and their analysis throughout the semester as you select your resources.

Note 2: Please, use an annotation system to indicate the section of a particular resource to which you refer. This makes analysis easier to understand and helps you with the word count.

Note 3: You will select your platform for your eportfolio in the first week of Semester and begin to develop it.

Note 4: Include an appendix with evidence of your completion of Module Four activities at the end of your assignment. In addition to submitting an e-portfolio, you will also submit a single document in Turnitin including all text submitted in your e-portfolio. Assignments submitted which do not include both an e-portfolio submission as well as the whole text submitted in one document on the Turnitin portal will receive a fail for non-submission of the set task.

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