EDAR460 Arts as Meaning in Early Childhood

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Assessment Task 2 Elaboration

Design an integrated Creative Arts Experience. Choose an age group between birth to 3 years.

Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: 2500 words excluding references and mind map

Purpose: This assignment is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of the ways young children’s ideas, thoughts and feelings are created and interpreted through the Arts by designing an integrated and extended Creative Arts investigation for children aged Birth - 3 years.

Rationale: This assignment will assist you to discover the links between theory and practice and make judgements and distinctions about age specific needs and development of young children. Description Based on the given observations, design an extended investigation for young children that integrates each of the four Creative Arts domains
(Visual Arts, Music, Dance/movement, Drama).

Learning outcomes assessed: LO2, LO3, LO4
How to submit: Canvas
Return of assignment: Your annotated rubric will be returned to you via Canvas three weeks from submission date.
Assessment criteria: Rubric with criteria and grade descriptors (see Appendices)

Additional Guidelines: 
Part 1. Observation and Mind map. (300 words)
Drawing on the observation provided of 3 children, design a Mind map outlining the planning connections (4 Arts areas).

Part 2. Plans for four learning experiences that integrate the Creative Arts. Using the template provided, select four (4) integrated collaborative Arts experiences (4 different Arts areas). These should acknowledge the children’s socio-cultural contexts, artistic development, multiple forms of expression and understanding of arts disciplines. The activities should be age appropriate and employ a range of teaching strategies. Examples (step-by-step photos or short video) of your own making to be included in each section. (1600 words)

Part 3. Guiding artistic development. Document how children’s interactions may be observed and evaluated for future planning. Specific links to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) must be made. (300 words)

Part 4. Emergent Curriculum: Recommendations and resources to extend learning for future planning. For example, resources may include images of environments, open ended materials, songs, and literature etc. (300 words)

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