ECUR207 Early Childhood Curriculum Approaches, Learning, and Pedagogy

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For this assessment task you will recognise, assess, justify and apply contemporary early childhood curriculum approaches in the context of learning provision and pedagogical practice.

Ensure the report addresses the following:

Part A: Curriculum and Pedagogies

  • Define and outline the following in relation to contemporary early childhood contexts:
  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogies

Part B: Play-based Pedagogies

  • Critically examine and justify the significance of play-based pedagogies and the importance of achieving balance in play-based pedagogies in early childhood learning provision.

Part C: Curriculum approaches

  • From the list below choose 4 (four) approaches to curriculum that you determine as essential for an early childhood teacher. For each of the chosen approaches analyse the continuum in relation to young children's learning provision and justify its selection in relation to your personal pedagogical practices.
  • Adult-centred approach -> adult-led approach -> guided learning approach -> child-led approach
  • Segregated approach -> thematic approach -> integrated approach
  • Individual developmental approach ->
    community of learners approach
  • Predetermined approach -> emergent approach
  • Transmission approach -> constructivist approach
  • Old basics approach -> new basics approach
  • Exclusive approach -> inclusive approach
  • Monocultural and monolingual approach ->
    multicultural and multilingual approach
  • Conforming approach -> Reforming approach -> Transforming approach
  • Single Intelligence approach -> Multiple intelligences approach
  • Disconnections with the natural world ->
    Connections with the natural world

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