Develop a Social Media Content Strategy to achieve the Marketing Goal

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Task - Develop a Social Media Content Strategy to achieve the Marketing Goal above. Outline presented below. (1500 words)

1.       Cover Page

2. Executive Summary (10% of the overall word limit, NOT INCLUDED IN THE FINAL WORD Count)

  1. Efficiently summarise the report including key findings and takeaways and proposed courses of
  2. Here is a good video outlining what has to be included – click here to watch
  3. Here is a detailed guide to writing a good Exec Summary – Crafting a Powerful Executive Summary - HBS Working Knowledge - Harvard Business School

3. Introduction (100-150 words) – Introduce organization and result of social media audit briefly. Outline of the rest of

4.       Social Media Audit

  1. SWOT (min 3 for each of SWOT)
  2. Competitor Review (Week 3) – Use Social Blade to conduct You can also go on competitor website to check.
  3. Social Media Monitoring - Use elements from BuzzSumo and/or Brand24 (some examples already provided in Week 3; some you may need to conduct on your own). You will need to present the analysis with appropriate screenshots of dashboards from BUzzSumo and/or Bíand24. Do not simply copy the full dashboard from these locations without any proper analysis or explanation

5.       Social Media Goals and Objectives

  1. Use the goals given on the business
  2. For each of the goals, develop 3-4 SMART Objectives (minimum of 2 Objectives per Goal)

6.       Segmentation & Targeting

  1. Create the two Personas based on the Target Market presented in the brief. One Current and one Potential customer Remember this is B2C.

Also make sure that you describe the segmentation variables include personas you created. Please look at the examples provided under resources section to get a better idea.

7.       Proposed social media campaigns (2 campaigns). Each Campaign will include (must use creative graphics)

  1. Type of campaign – Select and briefly explain your choice i.e., link it with the Persona characteristics (e.g.

  healthytasty, back2campus, giveaways, testimonials, free professional development seminars, get career ready etc.)

  1. Platform(s) – Justify platform mix (using the honeycomb framework and competitor review)
  1. Duration – For how long you want to run these
  2. Key Message – Campaign specific
  3. Goals and Objectives (this is campaign specific, which must align with the main goals and objectives)
  4. Engagement and Content Strategy – Description of the execution, type of content, intended outcome
  5. Visual Mock-up of the campaign – you can use Canva, Photoshop

8.       Activation Plan (not included in the word count)

  1. Table with activities and timeline – Use GANTT chart (from week 4)
  2. You can also include a sample of the social media content calendar in the appendix. This will not be part of the word Would be an excellent addition.

9.       Monitoring Performance

  1. Define how you will measure performance/progre the metrics selected must justify the objectives it is measuring. Metrics must match the above objectives.

10.    References (not included in the word count)

  1. Minimum of 6 academic reference In text-references needed
  2. Harvard referencing style (see

11.    Appendix/Appendices – (if used, not included in the word count)

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