Design an External Recruitment and Selection Portfolio


Being able to design an external recruitment and selection portfolio will enable you to work effectively as an HR professional, particularly a recruitment officer/manager or HR manager more broadly.

Task details

It has been four months since you commenced your role at Hazel Hen. Given the problems with the rogue franchisee, Mr. Vain, Dr Wing. is keen to streamline recruitment and selection procedures across all Hazel Hen franchises.

As you have performed so well in your role thus far, Dr. Wing has asked you to design an external recruitment and selection portfolio for the role of crew member. Specifically, you are to provide:

  1. A recruitment strategy which identifies the preferred recruitment method for this role, together with a justification for the design.
  2. A example of a compelling external job posting.
  3. A three-step selection process, designed to identify the best candidate for the role of crew member.  Provide a justification for the design and consider how you can minimise selection bias and maximise validity and reliability across this process.
  4. An example of a job application form you have designed. Also, recommend whether background or reference checks or any pre-employment testing should be undertaken. Also, recommend whether franchisees should use social media to collect information about the candidates (including photos). Provide a justification for this design.


You do not need to provide an introduction or a conclusion to the portfolio. Think creatively about how to present the portfolio to Dr Wing – consider using infographics, PowerPoint or Sway, for example. You may use academic references as part of your justification for the design.  The reference list is not included in the assignment word count.

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