DATA4000 Introduction to Business Analytics

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Your Task

Complete Parts A to C below by the due date.

Consider the rubric at the end of the assignment for guidance on structure and content.

Assessment Description

  • You are to read case studies provided and answer questions in relation to the content, analytics theory and potential analytics professionals required for solving the business problems at
  • Learning outcomes 1 and 2 are

Assessment Instructions

Part A: Case Study Analysis (700 words, 10 marks)

Instructions: Read the following two case studies. For each case study, briefly describe:

  1. The industry to which analytics has been applied
  2. A potential and meaningful business problem to be solved
  3. The type of analytics used, and how it was used to address that potential and meaningful business problem
  4. The main challenge(s) of using this type of analytics to achieve your business objective (from part b)
  5. Recommendations regarding how to be assist stakeholders with adapting these applications for their business.
  1. Netflix Predictive Analytics: Journey to 220Mn+ subscribers

  1. Coca-Cola Pepsi: The Sweet Fight For Data-Driven Supremacy fight-for-data-driven-supremacy

Part B: The Role of Analytics in Solving Business Problems (500 words, 8 marks)

Instructions: Describe two different types of analytics (from Workshop 1) and evaluate how each could be used as part of a solution to a business problem with reference to ONE real-world case study of your own choosing for one type of analytics and a SECOND real-world case study of your choosing for the second type of analytics.

You will need to conduct independent research and consult resources provided in the subject.

Part C: Developing and Sourcing Analytics Capabilities (800 words, 12 marks)

Instructions: You are the Chief Analytics Officer for a large multinational corporation in the communications sector with operations that span India, China, the Philippines and Australia.

The organization is undergoing significant transformations; it is scaling back operations in existing low revenue segments and ramping up investments in next generation products and services - 5G, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).

The business is keen to develop its data and analytics capabilities. This includes using technology for product innovation and for developing a large contingent of knowledge workers.

To prepare management for these changes, you have been asked review Accenture’s report (see link below) and publish a short report of your own that addresses the following key points:

  1. How do we best ingrain analytics into the organisation’s decision-making processes?
  2. How do we organize and coordinate analytics capabilities across the organization?
  3. How should we source, train and deploy analytics talent?

To help you draft this report, you should review the following working paper from Accenture:

The report is prepared for senior management and the board of directors. It must reflect the needs of your organization and the sector you operate in (communications).

Important Study Information

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What is academic integrity and misconduct? What are the penalties for academic misconduct? What are the late penalties?

How can I appeal my grade?

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

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Study Assistance

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