Current Average World Temperature (CWT) Is 16 Degrees Celsius, With A Standard Deviation Of 10 Degrees Celsius Across The…

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Current average world temperature (CWT) is 16 degrees Celsius, with a standard deviation of 10 degrees Celsius across the globe. We are currently on track for a temperature increase (TI) of 2.9 degrees Celsius by the end of the century (WT2100) (standard deviation of 1.2 degrees Celsius around the globe We assume that the correlation between the CWT and Tl is 0.1, which implies that the warmest places on earth will experience more warming than the coldest places. 1) What are the Mean and the Standard Deviation of CWT and TI in degrees Fahrenheit. Note: Temperature in Fahrenheit Temperature in Celsius 1.6+32. 2) What are the Mean and the Standard Deviations for WT2100 in degrees Fahrenheit?

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