CULT3001 Applied Social Research

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Overview: Portfolio Assessment – Applied Social Research

Task: to present 2 data sets (1 x qualitative, 1 x quantitative) and analyse the meaning that can be drawn from them. Required to write 500 words for EACH data set that ’tells the story’ of the data they have presented.

Survey research question: What are the important aspects of the university experience for School of Social Sciences' (SoSS) students and why are these aspects important to them?

Due date and time: Before 11:59 pm on Sunday 09/06/2024

Word limit: 1,000 words ( 2 x 500-word sections) +/- 10% leeway (100 words)


Harvard, only if applicable given that scholarly sources are not required for this task. However, source/figure/table statements should be provided.

Scholarly sources are not required for this task, although a reference list for the data sources (if applicable) should be included.

Additional information:

A step-by-step guide & exemplar PDF have been attached.

Also attached are the three sources that contain and/or relate to the data you need to analyse for the Portfolio. This includes:

  1. CULT3001 survey codebook - basically, the blank (word) version of the survey - use this to locate the specific wordings of the questions, especially when using Jamovi, as it will only show question numbers.
  2. CULT3001 survey Quantitative responses - this is an OMV file which will ONLY open when you upload the file to Jamovi (the statistical analysis software).
  3. CULT3001 survey Qualitative responses - this is an excel spreadsheet which contains all answers to the open-ended questions from the survey - use this to manually code a selection of responses from questions.

Please use ALL 3 documents. They are essential to the successful completion of the Portfolio assessment.

Jamovi installation link:

Pick the “solid” version, recommended for most users

Jamovi will download as a desktop app - Once opened, you will need to upload the OMV file containing the quantitative survey data in order to commence table development.

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