Critical Appraisal of Research Paper

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Aim of Assessment

The aims of this assessment are for students:

  1. Appraise the quality of evidence from clinical trials, (or)
  2. the quality of evidence from qualitative research studies
  3. Critically appraise research for its application to practice

The purpose of this assessment is to enable postgraduate students to their learning of conduct a critical appraisal of a specified published journal article and incorporate the following learning outcomes:

  • Apply critical appraisal techniques to a range of research methodologies;
  • Critically appraise research for its application to practice


Critically appraise one of the two papers (below) that are available on the unit vUWS site for this assessment item. The critique should be constructed based on CASP checklist with focus on methodology, sampling and recruitment, data analysis, results and implications for clinical practice and future research. Please choose the correct critique check list for the research design of the study being evaluated.

  1. Yildirim et al. (2022). Effects of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program on stress, depression, and psychological well-being in patients with cancer. Cancer Nursing, 00(0), 1-9.
  2. Zhang et al. (2022). Experience of physical activity in breast cancer survivors. Cancer Nursing, 00(0), 1-7.


Examples will b posted on the vUWS.

Essential readings in Learning Modules are good resources.

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