Creating a Recovery Plan for Ben's

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Instructions for Students: Recovery Plan for Ben’s (2000 words)

Task is focused on creating a recovery plan for Ben’s mental health, considering his transition from inpatient care to a community setting. This assignment will help you demonstrate your understanding of recovery planning, mental health interventions, monitoring and collaboration. Please carefully read and follow the instructions provided below.

Task Overview: You are required to create a recovery plan for Ben, a 25-year-old individual who was discharged from an inpatient unit to a community setting after a recent aggressive episode and psychotic episode. Your recovery plan should address Ben’s mental health history, substance use, and recovery goals, considering evidence-based interventions and a include collaborative approach involving Ben, healthcare providers, family, and support network. Recovery plan can follow structured headings of Recovery plan template (provided in assessment resources)

Rubric and Scoring: Your submission will be evaluated based on the rubric provided. Each criterion carries a specific point value, and your total score will be calculated out of 60 points and weighted to 50% of total grade.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The recovery plan should be approximately 2000 words in length.
  • Use APA 7 formatting guidelines for your in-text citations, and references, minimum of 7 text book or peer-reviewed academic references academic sources, 7 years or less, Generic health or consumer health information is not appropriate, eg Mayo clinic, WebMD etc. Make sure these references fit the context of the assignment do not use from countries that do not use recovery orientated models of care and do not use references from conditions or symptoms that do not relate to the scenario.
  • Ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and free from grammatical errors.
  • Support your recovery plan with evidence-based interventions and strategies relevant to Ben’s mental health history, with relevant progress monitoring.
  • Outline a plan for monitoring Ben’s progress towards his recovery goals including identification of early warning signs and relevant steps to reduce or prevent relapse.
  • Describe a collaborative approach involving Ben, healthcare providers, family, and support network.
  • Provide a well-summarized conclusion that reflects on potential outcomes and challenges of the plan.
  • Formatting as per Study Skills- Writing Essays and Layout & appearance

Submission Details: Submit your recovery plan in a properly formatted Word document through the Moodle Dropbox.

Important Notes:

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Turnitin software will be used for monitoring.
  •  Ensure all sources are properly cited and referenced according to APA 7 guidelines. Check fedcite for details
  • Use the rubric as a guide to self-assess your work before submission to ensure you have met the criteria for each section.

This assignment is designed to assess your knowledge and critical thinking. It offers a valuable opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to a real-world scenario.

Best of luck with your assignment! Your thoughtful and well-structured recovery plan for Ben’s mental health will showcase your understanding and proficiency in supporting mental health clients.

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