CPPREP4122 Manage Tenant Relationships

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

Please review the questions below and select the correct answer, e.g., a or b

1. When you are completing the residential tenancy agreement, which of the following is correct with regard to the landlord’s details?

  1. you should not put the name of the landlord on the tenancy agreement, as you have a duty to protect the privacy of the landlord
  2. you must provide the landlord’s name on the tenancy agreement, but you should put contact details as ‘care of the managing agent’
  3. you must state the rental provider or agent’s full name, a postal address for sending them documents, and an email address (if they agreed in writing to receive notices and other documents electronically)
  4. you should provide the name, address, email and contact phone numbers of the landlord on the tenancy agreement, in case the tenant wants to contact them directly

2. Which of the following would be acceptable criteria to use when deciding not to choose a particular tenant application?

  1. their age
  2. their race
  3. what their sexual preferences are
  4. they have more than the permitted number of occupants for the property

3. If the property manager were to act on the instructions of the landlord to use discriminatory criteria to deny a tenant’s application for tenancy, which of the following would be correct?

  1. there would be no legal issues as the landlord has the absolute right to select whichever tenant they want
  2. the managing agent cannot get into trouble legally as they were only acting on client instructions
  3. both the landlord and the managing agent may be involved in legal action by the prospective tenant
  4. the property manager should be rewarded for best practice, keeping the landlord happy

4. You have been advised by a landlord that they intend to sell their rental property and are yet to enter into a contract for sale with a prospective buyer. Prior to selling, they want to put a tenant in the property, as it is vacant, and they think it will look better if it is furnished. Which of the following is correct?

  1. you don’t have to tell the tenant until the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up.
  2. you can tell the tenant immediately after they move in.
  3. before signing the lease, the rental provider must let the renter know if they intend to sell the premises, and if so, whether they have engaged an agent to sell the property, or if there is a contract of sale.
  4. you can’t lease the property if the landlord is about to put it on the market for sale.

5. You have an existing tenant in a rental property and they have given notice to vacate. You want to show a prospective tenant through the property. Which of the following accurately outlines the notice you must give to the current tenant?

  1. 7 days’ notice
  2. reasonable notice
  3. minimum 48 hours’ before every inspection
  4. minimum 24 hours’ notice

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