CPPREP4122 Manage Tenant Relationships - Assessment Task 4 – Case Study 2

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ASSESSMENT TASK 4 – Case Study 2

You have a rental property that is coming up to be re-leased at $600 per week. The existing tenants are on a periodic lease and have given 21 days’ notice to vacate. You get to work straight away by placing it on your Rental Availability list. The very next day, you receive two strong enquiries and show them through the property, with tenant permission. 

The applications are as follows:

Application 1

Theodore and Mary Nesbitt

Current address: 24 Rosella Circuit, Tenantville 1235

Currently paying $580 per week.

Have been renting in the area for the last five years, but the property is being sold. Good rental references have been confirmed. They need to give 21 days’ notice to leave their current property, which they will do as soon as their application is approved.

Application 2

Ann Johnson and Mark Fellowes

No rental references. Have just returned from living overseas. Currently living on unemployment benefits and staying with relatives whilst they look for work. Are looking to move as soon as possible.

  1. Which tenant would you advise the landlord to accept? Explain your reasoning.
  2. The landlord has approved the tenant you recommended. You are to prepare the tenancy agreement and condition report/inspection sheet for this new tenancy.

The tenancy will be for 12 months, at $600 per week paid fortnightly. The house has a small fireplace in the loungeroom, which is decorative purposes only, the chimney is closed off. You need to ensure that this special condition is added into the tenancy agreement, as the fireplace must not be used by the tenants and is excluded from the tenancy. You have already told the tenants about this aspect of the property.

Landlord name: Jeanette Jones

Landlord email: jjones@gmail.com

Number of approved occupants: 2

Bond payable: Maximum allowed

Water charges: Water supply charge and all water consumed by the tenant to be paid by the tenant on a quarterly basis.

For any details required that are not in this case study, you can use hypothetical information.

You may like to use the property you currently live in, as a basis for completing the condition report (but showing the address as per the Case Study, so it matches the tenancy agreement).

  1. Prepare a welcome letter to provide to the tenant, including a brief summary of tenant rights and responsibilities in the new tenancy, and explain what they need to do to contact the agency if they have any issues during the tenancy.

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