CPPREP4121 Establish Landlord Relationships - Multiple Choice Questions

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

 Please review the questions below and select the correct answer, e.g., a or b

  1. A management agreement usually covers which of the following agency services?
    1. collecting rent and managing arrears
    2. organising repairs and maintenance through- out the tenancy
    3. leasing the property including related documentation
    4. leasing and managing the property
  1. Under what circumstances can an agent charge a fee/charge/expense for their services?
    1. agent has spoken to the prospective landlord and been asked to manage the property (an agreement will be signed later if the landlord is happy with the agent)
    2. agent has an email from the landlord agreeing to the agency fee and instructing them to start showing the property to tenants
    3. agent has a validly completed and served agency agreement which sets out all fees and charges
    4. agent has a written agency agreement that says that fees are ‘TBA’ (to be advised)
  1. Which of the following would not be an effective communication strategy for responding to a client’s complaint?
    1. listen and note down all the information they tell you about their complaint
    2. acknowledge their frustration and apologise for any errors or miscommunications
    3. provide options for resolving the conflict/issue they are complaining about
    4. avoid discussing the complaint in case the client wants to make a formal complaint
  1. Developing appropriate rapport with clients will…
    1. establish and build confidence and trust in the agency and its representatives
    2. make the client feel valued
    3. promote and maintain an effective relationship with client
    4. all of these
  1. The vacancy rate for the area an agency has been calculated to be 2%. Which of the following would most probably cause the rental vacancy rate to decrease?
    1. large increase in the number of new building developments being built in the immediate area
    2. announcement of a reduction in the number of unemployed people in the area
    3. a new government policy being introduced that provides a large first homeowner payment
    4. increase demand for rental properties in the area

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