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ASSESSMENT TASK 4 – Completion of Sale

You have been given the opportunity to sell a local property and are required to prepare for the sale. The property can be of your choosing, and you should advise the assessor of the property details.

You are required to provide documentation and processes relating to the sale of two (2) properties for each of the following sales methods:

  1. Private treaty/negotiation
  2. Auction

Assume in both sales that a legally correct and signed Section 32 Vendor’s Statement is available.

Please note:

  • There are two (2) parts to this task, requiring you to demonstrate your ability to sell a property by private treaty/negotiation AND auction.
  • You will choose two (2) different properties for this task and advise why you decided to sell each property in the selected manner.

Your response is to cover:

  1. Preparing the property for sale and auction
  2. Actions and contractual documents required for completing the property sale by private treaty/negotiation AND auction
  • Actions and documentation at the conclusion of the sale
  1. Evaluating the processes taken during and after the sale including:
    1. any feedback collected and how it might be used
    2. record keeping requirements and the benefits of record keeping
    3. communication strategies for responding to client complaints
  2. Contractual documents are provided to demonstrate the requirements
  3. Processes to advise clients of how the sale is to proceed to settlement
  4. In your two examples, does the purchaser have the right to a cooling-off period? Why/why not?

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