CPPREP4103 Assessment Task 2 – Short Answer Questions

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ASSESSMENT TASK 2 – Short Answer Questions

Please review the questions below and answer in 200 words / 1-2 paragraphs or less (unless advised otherwise).

  1. List four (4) prospecting methods suitable for property sales. Choose one (1) and detail how you would undertake this method.
  1. Building an agency database is crucial to good business. List five (5) pieces of information you would gather from your prospecting activities that would be entered into your database.


  1. What information would you provide to a prospective vendor, at a listing presentation, about your…
  • Agency?
  • Services
  1. What information would you collect and record in relation to the vendor’s profile, preferences, and expectations?
  2. You have a new listing. You need to thoroughly inspect, confirm, and record details about the listing. What details would you record? What would you do with this information?
  3. How would you address the property appraisal (pricing) with a vendor at a listing?
  4. List five (5) resources from the listing kit that you would take to a listing presentation to support your agency profile.
  5. Choose one (1) resource from your listing kit (previous question) and explain why you believe this would add value to your listing presentation.
  6. Provide a structure of the information you would cover and explain to the vendor during the listing presentation from the initial inspection to the vendor agreeing to list with you. You must include:
    1. Statement of Information and estimate of selling price
    2. method of sale
    3. possible timeframe
    4. disclosures
    5. privacy
    6. conflict of interest
    7. documentation
  1. According to your state or territory property legislation, when a vendor’s property is listed for sale, what documentation is signed by both the vendor and agent?
  2. Outline five (5) activities you would include in a communication plan for a vendor and why.
  3. List a minimum of four (4) “touch-points” with the vendor that you expect to see in a communication plan.
  1. When a prospective vendor reaches out to you, your aim is to build a relationship that leads to securing the listing. This requires a gathering of information, so you are prepared to meet the needs and expectations of your vendor. List a minimum of three (3) activities or pieces of information you could provide during your prospecting activities that show the services of your agency.

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