CPPREP4005 Prepare to Work With Real Estate Trust Accounts - Assessment Task 3

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ASSESSMENT TASK 3 – Workplace Scenarios: Trust Account Requirements

You are to be involved in some trust account deposit activities in your workplace and need to:

  • Make decisions about what is required - documents and reporting
  • Determine who is authorised to carry out tasks?
  • Determine whether other office staff are required to complete the task

You are required to think about each of the transaction scenarios and what would be required based on your readings.

Complete the following table for the scenarios nominated detailing:

  1. Document/s required – which documents are you to prepare?
  2. Details required on document - you are required to be specific to the transaction – names, purpose.
  • Staff involvement – who does what? Who can carry out this activity?
  1. Referral for further action – including saving documents on file, notify other staff for further action, providing information to client/customer.

You are only required to address activities in terms of trust account requirements. For example: no need to discuss advice of rent paid to landlord for this assessment task.

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