CPPREP4004 Establish Marketing and Communication Profiles in Real Estate

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ASSESSMENT TASK 3 – Write a Survey

When writing surveys to collect feedback, it is important to ensure you ask questions that will give meaningful responses.

  1. Write a short survey to receive feedback for yourself and agency on a real estate service of your choice.
    Questions are required to seek more than a yes/no response.
    Your survey questions must cover:

    1. Client expectations for real estate marketing and communications
    2. Success of methods used by an agency to engage clients
  2. Write an explanation of how you will use the survey results to:
    1. Analyse and explain the alignment between an agency marketing and communication and community expectations
    2. Identify poor marketing and communication practices and suggest possible strategies to minimise these practices
  • Identify and analyse community expectations for real estate marketing and communications.

You must state the real estate service and include with your survey questions.

Real Estate Service

Questions (you should list at least 6):

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