CPPREP4004 Establish Marketing and Communication Profiles in Real Estate - Workplace Project

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ASSESSMENT TASK 5 – Workplace Project

You are preparing to operate in an agency and need to provide information to prospective clients about:

  1. yourself as an agent,
  2. your agency, and
  3. a property you have just listed.

For each of the above, you are required to:

  1. Design advertising copy - it can be a flyer, letterbox card, online marketing, letter, or any marketing material you feel would best communicate and grab the attention of prospective clients, purchasers, landlords or tenants.
  2. Discuss your methods of distribution of the marketing material you have designed to best reach your target audience.


  • If you are not working in an agency yet, you should answer as though you are – think about what you might do.
  • We will not be judging your creative ability when assessing your submission, however, your submission must convey a message that is likely to impress a prospective client or customer.

The use of freely available graphic design tools (e.g., Canva) may assist in the completion of this task.

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