CPPREP4003 Assessment Task 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

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ASSESSMENT TASK 1 – Multiple Choice Questions

Please review the questions below and select the correct answer, e.g., a or b

  1. Legislation can sometimes be difficult to interpret. When interpreting Acts and Regulations, agents may have to deal with problems, including:
    1. ambiguous words
    2. broad phrases
    3. the need for words to be implied
    4. printing or drafting errors
    5. all above
  1. In terms of law in Australia, an Act:
    1. is legislation passed by Parliament
    2. can only be amended by another Act of Parliament
    3. sets out broad legal/policy principles
    4. is the legal/statement of Law
    5. all above
    6. a and c only
  1. Subsidiary legislation requires publishing in the Government Gazette to become legal and may include: (You may choose more than one option)
    1. regulations
    2. rules or codes of conduct
    3. pro forma official forms that are required under the Act
  1. Regulations:
    1. are the guidelines that dictate how the provisions of the Act are applied
    2. can only be amended by a notice published in the Government Gazette
    3. are the implementation detail related to the Act
    4. all above
  1. Law in Australia is:
    1. either common law or statute law
    2. either criminal law or civil law
    3. either federal law or state law
    4. a only
    5. a, b and c
  1. Australian law comes from:
    1. Common law
    2. Statute law
    3. both above
  1. Does a Bill need to pass through parliament and receive royal assent (approval by the governor-general or the relevant state governor) before it becomes an Act?
    1. no
    2. yes
  1. The general rules of conduct applying to all licensees and registered persons outline the need for an agent to have a knowledge of legislation in Rule 1 - knowledge of act and regulations.
    What knowledge does that include? (You may choose more than one option) 

    1. knowledge and understanding of the Act and the regulations under the Act
    2. laws relating to residential tenancy
    3. laws relating to fair trading
    4. laws relating to competition and consumer protection
    5. laws relating to anti-discrimination
    6. laws relating to privacy
  1. Agents can stay in touch with legislation changes and updates by subscribing to updates from:
    1. regulatory bodies
    2. legislation pages
    3. industry bodies
    4. all above

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