CPCCBC5013 - Assessment Task 3 – Major Project

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Assessment Task 3 – Major Project

A client has engaged you to prepare a draft manual of operating guidelines for their commercial construction business.

Research and prepare the following guidelines for the manual:

  1. How to prepare a project feasibility study.
  2. How to conduct a property inspection.
  1. How to identify when planning approval may be required for a commercial project and the steps to be followed to obtain planning approval from a Municipal Authority.
  2. How to oversee the construction process to ensure high quality work and minimise defects.
  3. How to administer variations and progress claims so that clients pay on time and with no deductions.
  4. How to engage legal assistance in the event of a contractual dispute.

Your manual is to be set out professionally and should Include references to relevant Acts, Regulations Codes and Standards as required.

For guidance, the manual is to be a minimum of six (6) single sided A4 pages, plus table of contents, version control table and appendices.

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