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Assessment Task 3


This assessment is divided into seven tasks

For these tasks, assume that you are working on a building and construction project below

Alexander ST PROJECT

The details of this building and construction project are as follows:

  • Your trading name: ABC Builders Pty Ltd.
  • The contract price for the entire project is $350,000
  • Owner: Will Smith
  • Site address: 1 Melbourne Road, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Lot no 42 Vol 23 Folio 5567
  • Local authority: Melbourne City Council
  • A 5% deposit was paid on signing the contract

Part 1 – Site Safety

Access the link below and download the WorkSafe Planning for Safety – Site Establishment WorksheetSite Establishment WorksheetComplete this document in full for your construction project, ensuring it is suitable to:

·         Establish and implement on site safety and welfare requirements

·         Establish and implement hazard management procedures

·         Establish safety procedures

After completing this task, submit the following to your assessor:

o   Completed Site Establishment Worksheet

Part 2 – Safety & Communication Processes

Develop and implement the following processes for your project1.      Safety reporting processYour safety reporting process must:

·         Be developed and documented in line with legislative requirements

·         Include details / process of how to maintain a safe work environment

·         Include details of mandatory reporting to responsible authorities

2.      Site communication process

Your site communication process must:

·         Include a schedule of site meetings with dates and times

·         Include a process for notifying relevant personnel

After completing this task, submit the following to your assessor:

§  Safety Reporting Process

§  Site Communication Process

Part 3 - Procurement

Develop and implement a procurement plan to be utilised for material ordering and plant & equipment hire. You may create your own procurement plan, or utilise the template provided in the Parker Brent Portal. Your procurement plan must:·         Establish a process for timely and cost-effective material ordering·         Establish a process for receiving and checking materials

·         Establish a process for correctly storing, safely stacking and protecting materials

·         Include details on how to meet contractual obligations and achieve schedules

·         Establish a procedure to manage and monitor selection of P&E

·         Establish a procedure to manage and monitor hiring of P&E

·         Establish a procedure to manage and monitor maintenance of P&E

·         Include details of contingencies

After completing this task, submit the following to your assessor:

§  Completed Procurement Plan

Part 4  - Induction

Your assessor will divide the class in to groups who will play the roles of various onsite personnel for your construction project.While being observed by your assessor, conduct a site induction for your group.Your induction must include details of:

·         Safety Induction procedures

·         Procedures for hazardous and manual handling tasks

·         Procedures for dealing with incidents, injuries and accidents

·         Implement your companies quality management system (refer to QM Plan in Parker Brent Portal)

You will be assessed on:

§  Your practical skills in establishing and managing a safety induction

§  Your ability to implement safety procedures

§  Your ability to address hazardous and manual handling tasks

§  Your ability to properly inform workers of their responsibilities

§  Your ability to implement a quality management system

After completing the induction, complete the meeting notes below to record your discussion

Induction Details

Date of meeting
Time of meeting
Location of meeting

Meeting Participants


Agenda Item 1

Discussion point 1
Discussion point 2
Discussion point 3
Discussion point 4

Part 5 – Industrial Action

A dispute has occurred on your site between the carpenters and the site supervisor. As a result, the carpenters have downed tools until such time as the dispute is resolved.

Answer the following in relation to this scenario

  1. Outline the steps you would take to manage this dispute
  2. What contingencies are in place to deal with problems and delays affecting project performance and timelines
  3. Describe how you would implement a multi-site management plan when utilising personnel from other sites
  4. What adjustments are required to project schedules on each site affected?
  5. How will you ensure project timeframes are met?

Part 6 – Variations

The client has requested a variation to the project

YourHome Design for Place - 3BR + Study All plans and elevations

The variation requested is to change the external cladding on the north, east and west elevations to recycled brick.

Answer the below questions

  1. How will the variation be implemented
  2. Who needs to be notified of the variations and why
  3. What effect does the variation have on the projects cost / budget
  4. What effect does the variation have on the projects schedule
  5. Complete the variation form below

Form H – Variation to plans and specifications

Part 7 – Progress Claims

Framing stage has now been completed for the project and the Contract Administrator is seeking your approval to issue progress claims and process payment claims.

You will need to validate progress claims against the terms of the contract (using sample contract provided in the Parker Brent Portal), and check payment claims against the approved quotes  (located in the Parker Brent Portal)

Answer the below questions

  1. The contract administrator is seeking approval to issue a progress claim to the client for the amount of $52,500 for completion of framing. Is this progress claim approved? Explain why / why not
  2. Adams Carpentry has submitted the below invoice for payment. Is this invoice approved? Explain why / why not

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