CPCCBC5005 Select and Manage Building and Construction Contractors - Assessment Task 3

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Assessment Task 3 – Major Project


This assessment is divided into 5 parts:

1.       Part 1 – Determine Subcontractor Requirements

2.       Part 2 – Review Subcontractor Performance

3.       Part 3 – Establish Terms & Conditions for Subcontractor Engagement

4.       Part 4 – Manage the Selection and Engagement of Subcontractors

5.       Part 5 – Evaluate Subcontractor Performance

E.g., You are a senior builder, senior manager, or someone who engages with or manages subcontractors in a building and construction project.

Each task comes with a set of instructions. You are to follow and perform these instructions while being observed by the assessor and/or submit any required documentation.

Before starting this assessment, your assessor will also discuss with you these tasks as well as instructions and guidance for satisfactorily completing them. They will also organise the resources required for this assessment (listed below).

You are required to:

·      Complete the tasks within the time allowed, as scheduled in-class roll

·      Determine the subcontractor requirements of a building and construction project

·      Manage the selection and engagement of subcontractors

·      Establish terms and conditions for the engagement of subcontractors

·      Review and evaluate subcontractor performance

Resources required for assessment:

To complete this assessment, you will need access to the following:

·      Commercial Project documents on the Parker Brent Portal

·      Equipment and programs to access and extract information

·      Equipment and programs to develop documentation

·      Communication tools and devices

·      Fair-trading legislation applicable to your state/territory

·      Building and construction legislation and regulations applicable to your state/territory

·      Privacy legislation

·      Common law principles

·      Information on equal opportunity principles in the context of subcontractor engagement

·      Workplace or a similar environment that will provide you access to:

§  A building and construction project with the following:

o  Project plans and specifications

o  Documentation relevant to the sequence and volume of work expected in the project

o  Documentation relevant to the tasks involved in the project

o  Project costs and budget

o  Project schedules and timeframes

§  Opportunities to complete the workplace assessment tasks within this project

§  Workplace resources to determine the subcontractor requirements of a building and construction project

§  Organisational procedures for conducting task analyses

§  Documentation relevant to the tasks involved in the project, e.g. job safety analyses, briefing documents, project drawings, etc.

§  An organisational chart DOCUMENT AVALIABLE ON THE LMS

§  Business plan, containing a personnel plan, (number of employees) project labour, and projected materials costs

§  Workplace resources to manage the selection and engagement of subcontractorso  Templates for subcontractor engagement subcontractor agreemento  Documentation relevant to the type and number of subcontractors needed for the building and construction project

o  Subcontractor resource requirements for the building and construction project

o  Organisational policies, procedures, and strategies relevant to subcontractor engagement, subcontractor selection, general worksite orientations, WHS inductions, required pre-engagement training, (documents available from unit 504)

Part 1 – Overseeing Task Analyses

Refer to the Alexander St Box Hill commercial project documents on the Parker Brent Portal.You are to complete this task in the context of the construction to completion of basement / ground floor suspended slab.You will be required to select and engage subcontractors throughout the duration of the project.
1.      When assessing subcontractor requirements, what are some of the questions which should be addressed related to:

·         Company Objectives

·         Products & Services

·         Market Analysis Summary

·         Current and Projected Workloads

·         Contractual Commitments

·         Strategy and Implementation Summary

2.      What can be used to determine the type and number of subcontractors required
3.      What allows you to determine the type and the number of subcontractors to prioritise at each stage of the project
4.      Outline a basic procedure for conducting a task analysis for your construction project.
5.      Determine the type and number of subcontractors required for THE EXCAVATION OF your project, and list below
6.      Research industrial relations legislation and contract legal matters, prepare a short 5 minute presentation and discuss how workplace obligations and subcontractor rights impact operations

Part 2 – Review Subcontractor Performance

1.      Using the “Subcontractor Profile” template provided in the Parker Brent portal, complete the required information for 2 of your subcontractors.2.      Complete a SWOT analysis for 2 sub-contractors and a short report on your findings A from a reference investigationOnce completed submit these forms to your assessor
3.      What would need to be included in a subcontractor management plan?

Part 3 – Establish Terms and Conditions for Subcontractor Engagement

1.      Review the subcontractor and scope of operations available in the Parker Brent Portal.Write a short report in your own words on how you can ensure obligations can be met under this contract, and how the terms of engagement would be enforced to ensure conditions are being met.Ensure areas such as cost control, quality control and time control are discussed.

This question will be answered in part 2

Part 4 – Manage the Selection and Engagement of Subcontractors

Outline the subcontractor procurement process used for your project

2.      What steps can be taken to observe EO principles when engaging potential subcontractors? Complete the table below

3.      In your own words describe the assessment mechanisms which have been used to appraise subcontractors for this project
4.      Draft an email to notify a successful contractor of the outcome of the selection process
5.      Draft an email to notify an unsuccessful contractor of the outcome of the selection process
6.      Prepare a report on the induction and pre-engagement training required for subcontractors engaged in this project.Your report must include:·         Induction requirements

·         Training requirements

·         Implementation process

·         Ongoing management process

·         Responsibilities of relevant parties

Part 5 – Evaluate Subcontractor Performance

1.      Describe in detail the performance management system you would have in place to evaluate subcontractor performance and compliance throughout your project
2.      Using the information, you have collected regarding the subcontractors performance during the project, you will be required to meet with subcontractors to conduct a performance review.

While being observed by your assessor, students will pair and play the part of a subcontractor and a site supervisor.

The site supervisor will conduct a performance review of the subcontractor.

·         Discuss the information collection parameters and terms of confidentiality and security

·         Discuss the feedback and appeal system in place with your subcontractor and how they may challenge review outcomes

·         Give feedback to each subcontractor regarding their performance review

·         Discuss the outcome

·         Undertake remedial or disciplinary action against the subcontractor where appropriate

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