CPCCBC5004 Supervise and Apply Quality Standards to the Selection of Building and Construction Materials - Knowledge Assessment

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Assessment Task 1 - Knowledge Assessment

Question 1: Answer the following questions
1.1 What are plans and specification? What drawings are included in construction drawings? Write answer in 100-120 words
1.2. What is the purpose of drawings and specifications? Why it is important to determine materials and products from project plans, specifications, codes and standards? Write answer in 200-270 words
1.3. Why is material evaluation from plans and specifications important?  Write answer in 30-50 words.
Question 2: Answer the following questions
2.1. What are the factors that should be considered while deciding and selecting construction materials? Write answer in 200-250 words
2.2. Discuss construction materials and technologies used in building construction. Write answer in 200-300 words.
Question 3 – Discuss the characteristics, applications and limitations of at least 5 types of building material, products and components.
Question 4: Answer the following questions
4.1. What are non-conforming building products? Write your answer in 100-150 words
4.2. What are the compliance requirements for evidence of sustainability? Write your answer in 100-150 words.
4.3. What are the environmental factors impact on construction materials? Write your answer in 100-150 words.
4.4. What are supply processes in construction? Why is construction supply important in the construction industry? Write your answer in 70-120 words.
Question 5: Write the processes for the selection of building materials:
5.1. What are specifications in a contract document? Which specifications are a part of a contract document? Why are standards and specifications important in construction? Write answer in 200-300 words
5.2. Discuss the procedure for selecting and ordering materials that meet those requirements in 200-300 words
Question 6: Explain the following questions related to workplace safety
6.1. What are organisation records? What is the importance of completing appropriate organisational records? Write answer in 100-170 words
6.2. Discuss the distribution of copies in accordance with organisational policy. Write answer in 100-120 words
6.3. Determine the quality or manufacturing requirements from reports. Write in 100-150 words
6.4. What is the importance of keeping site records and documents? Write answer in 100-150 words
Question 7: Explain the following questions related to workplace safety
7.1. What is the process to reduce the risk on construction workplace using hierarchy of control? Write answer in 100-150 words
7.2. Who has health and safety duties in relation to hazardous manual tasks? What are the WHS requirements in regard to manual handling tasks? Write answer in 100-150 words
7.3. Discuss the safe use of mechanical lifting equipment. Write answer in 200-300 words
7.4. What is the purpose and importance of licensing and competency requirements to safely operate lifting equipment? write answer in 100-170 words

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