CPCCBC4012 Read and Interpret Plans and Specifications

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Assessment Tasks


Assessment Task 1 - Written Assignment


Refer to working drawings for this unit CPCCBC4012 provided in the LMS, Single Storey Residential dwelling.

Using the supplied working drawings and the tables below:

You must complete this assessment task on your own, and are not to work in groups. It must be your own work.

You will be provided with the working drawings for this unit CPCCBC4012.  You must use these documents along with the tables below to complete this assessment.

The intent of this assessment task is to demonstrate your ability to read and interpret plans and specifications.

Your trainer/assessor will then guide you through the process to complete this assessment task.

Assessment directions

Sheet No 1 – Interpreting the drawings and specifications

  1. List the name, its description, and purpose of each drawing/plan used for the project.

Sheet No 2 – Interpreting the drawings and specifications

  1. Provide a list of the symbols and abbreviations used on the drawings, this must include True North.
  2. Provide an outline of at least six (6) key features on the Site Plan, this must include True North.
  3. Provide an outline and nominate the location of any key features on the floor plan and elevation drawings.

Sheet No 3 – Interpreting the drawings and specifications

  1. Provide a list of five (5) key products and five (5) scopes of works that you believe should be identified in a specification for this type of project. Give a full specification description and ensure that all products and scopes include a description of the relevant Australian Standard applicable to that product or scope.
  2. Referring to the attached house working drawings, identify the 12 items listed in the question.
  3. Referring to the attached house elevation drawings, identify the sizing, location, materials and tie-down methods of bracing members, and cross check with the relevant wind bracing table in AS1684.4
  4. Referring to the attached house elevation drawings, identify the load bearing walls?


Assessment Task 2 - Written Questions


Refer to working drawings for this unit CPCCBC4012 provided in the LMS, Single Storey Residential dwelling.

You are required to provide a satisfactory response to each question below to complete this assessment.

Question 1

Identify (6) items referred to on the drawings and specification for the house:

Question 2

How would you describe an elevation view on a set of drawings for a building?

Question 3

What scales are the following plans drawn to?

Question 4

List six (6) items that would appear on a Site Plan.

Question 5

List six (6) items that would appear on a Floor Plan.

Question 6

What do the following abbreviations used on drawings stand for?

Question 7

What are the three (3) purposes of a specification?

Question 8

What are the three (3) categories of a construction specification?

Question 9

Identify the advantage of having a clear set of dimensioned plans in the building and construction industry?

Question 10

Name the two (2) professionals that would be involved in the preparation of a site plan for an architectural set of drawings.

Question 11

Explain the difference between Prime Cost (PC) items and Provisional Sums (PS) as they relate to specifications and contracts.

How are these items used in developing the contract total tender sum, and agreed with the owner/client?

Question 12

Describe the process for identifying and communicating customer variation requests to standard plans.

Question 13

What are the regulatory requirements for approval processes and what timeframes are required in relation to the plans and specifications?  List two (2).

Question 14

List three (3) very relevant state building and construction codes, standards and regulations.

Question 15

What building and construction industry contracts could you utilise to assist you when reading and interpreting plans and specifications. List three (3).

Question 16 

The building owner Mr & Mrs Smith, 18, Smith Street, Coburg has requested a variation to install a small separation wall in the house the builder is constructing. Create a variation that includes:

  • 36 metres -90 x 35 pine timber @ $3.00 per metre
  • 4 metres2 – 10mm plasterboard @ $4.50 per square metre
  • 1 box (100) galvanised 2.5mm clouts @12.50 / box
  • Carpenter Labour – 2 x 8 hours @ $50 per hour
  • Paint – Supply paint, and apply 2 coats @ $35/ per square metre (includes sanding)
  • Contract builders variation margin 20%
  • GST
  • Once the variation is approved, describe six (6) steps involved in implementing the change including the contractual, planning, estimates and supervision work required.

Question 17

Draw below a three (3) dimensional sketch that demonstrates a corner 450mm x 450mm x 2700mm brick column on slab, supporting an alfresco roof extension.

Question 18 

What is Building Information Modelling, and when can it be used?


Assessment Task 3 – Major Project

A prospective client has approached you (having seen your building work) wanting advice on the range of design and contract documentation that would be required to build their proposed 35 square town house. The 450m2 allotment they have purchased is in an upmarket suburb, and they want to ensure high quality construction and presentation.

Research and prepare a proposal setting out the different documents that would need to be prepared, and using the following headings:

  1. The type of drawings required identifying the key information that should be on each drawing
  2. Some recommended construction specification details to achieve the level of quality that the owners are seeking and why you are proposing them
  3. Procedures for variation requests and approval, and the impact on drawings & specifications if changes are required
  4. Typical Provisional & Prime Cost Sums for a high-quality home
  5. The type of contract that could be used
  6. The procedure that will be used for estimating variations including costs associated with document changes, builder’s margin and overhead costs
  7. Communication requirements to the project stakeholders for variations to the project scope, and who the stakeholders are
  8. Describe how you would apply the building & construction abbreviations and terms on drawings, to the construction site
  9. List 3 Australian Standards referenced in NCC2019 Volume Two that would affect the construction work to be undertaken
  10. How would you address cultural differences in communication with clients and on-site personnel?

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