CPCCBC4009 Apply Legal Requirements to Building and Construction Projects - Assessment Task 1

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Assessment Task 1 - Written Assignment


You must complete this assessment task on your own, do not work in groups and be your own work.

The intent of this assessment task is to demonstrate application of legal requirements to building and construction projects.

Your trainer/assessor will then guide you through the process to complete this assessment task.

You must complete the assessment task on your own stationery and presentation strategies.

Building Scenario: 

ABC Building Company, a residential builder, has a contract to build a house for Mr and Mrs Jones. The project will be on a vacant site in Essendon.

The Details:

  • Single storey
  • Brick veneer
  • Tiled roof
  • Double garage
  • Contact value $250,000
  • Timeframe to complete construction is 20 weeks

Both subcontractors and company employed trades and labour will be engaged for all construction activities.

Assessment Directions:

Provide details of the legal requirements and builder obligations applicable to this project within a brief outline of the ABC Building Company’s responsibilities against each requirement listed below.

Note:  Make sure you cover all subheadings under each topic, failure to do so will result in a non-satisfactory mark.

Question 1

List five (5) Acts, Regulations or Standards applicable to the project in regards to:

  1. Building
  2. Contracting
  • Design Documentation

Question 2

What Registrations would the builder be required to have before legally being able to enter into a contract for this project?

Question 3

List the type of Contract required for the project and three (3) of the Acts that apply to the following requirements:

  1. Contract type selected for the project
  2. Contractual requirements applicable to all parties
  • Contract conditions, including approvals and financial matters

Question 4

List three (3) relevant planning Regulations or Acts that could be applicable to the project.

Question 5

On such a building site project, there would be a number of OH&S issues that would occur. List two (2) required Acts that would cover the following OH&S requirements on site and what website would information be readily available:

  • OHS framework applicable to project
  • Main provisions of OHS legislation and regulations, including local requirements.
  • Codes of Practise/ Compliance Codes applicable to on-site construction
  • Site safety signage and PPE requirements
  • Risk management strategies implemented

Question 6

Builders Warranty Insurance (BWI) would be required for the builder to contract this project.

  1. List the reason why BWI is required
  2. Google the BWI and research what Act covers the BWI

Question 7

A new project such as this would come under new sustainability legislation.

  1. What Act would cover the following 2 building sustainability issues:
  2. Sustainability building requirements
  3. Environmentally friendly building practices

What aspect of siting the house is relevant to these sustainability issues?

Question 8

There are a number of sub-contract trades and employed construction staff on the site.

List four (4) Acts that would cover the Industrial relations requirements that ABC Building Company should be aware of on this project and how are they contracted, such as:

  • Applicable industrial relations
  • Awards applicable to contracts involved in project
  • Equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment policies and procedures
  • Training requirements
  • Industrial relations information provided to employees

Question 9

ABC Building Company is a proprietary listed company and has obvious taxation commitments.

  1. List the relevant Act for the following requirements:
  2. Payroll requirements
  3. GST requirements

What statement does the company have to prepare and submit to the Tax Office to report its GST, PAYG and other tax liabilities?

Question 10

You have received an invoice from your supplier for the amount of $1,832.50 inclusive of GST, what is the GST component of this amount? (Please show calculation method used). 

Question 11

List two (2) Acts that ABC Building Company would have to take into account if they wanted to update their procedures for:

  • Organisational dispute resolution process
  • Customer complaints policy
  • Documenting and recording outcomes from disputes

Question 12

What class of building is the residential project for Mr and Mrs Jones in Essendon?

Question 13

Assume the below is your builders registration – are there any limitation which would prohibit you from carrying out these works?

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