CPCCBC4008 Supervise Communication and Administration Processes for Building and Construction Projects - Task 1: Written Assignment

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Assessment Task 1 – Written Assignment


You must complete this assessment task on your own and are not to work in groups. It must be your own work.

Students are required to provide a satisfactory response to each question below to complete this assessment.

Question 1

You are a domestic builder who has recently entered into a domestic building contract to construct a home to the value of $657,575.00.  The contract is to build the home to completion.

Using the table below, provide the full contract payment summary, including the percentage and dollar amount of each claim.

Question 2

List the legislated stages of a domestic building contract and provide a brief description of each of them.

Question 3

When invoicing a client for the “frame stage” of the project, what must you send with the claim?

Question 4

You are a commercial builder. It is time for you to complete your end of month (EOM) claim to your client.  Describe the steps you will take to carry out the task. Include the actions of your client in your description.

Question 5

What is a “back-charge” and why is it used in the building and construction industry?

Question 6

What is the legislation that governs domestic building contracts?

Question 7

What is the Australian standard that is common for the Conditions of a contract used on commercial building projects?

Question 8

Your client has formally requested a variation to upgrade their toilet suites. Describe using a step by step process how you will manage the variation to completion. You are using the AS4000 1997 Contract.

Question 9

When pricing a variation request on a commercial project the superintendent has four (4) methods to ensure the pricing is acceptable. List them.

Question 10

You receive a delivery of windows to site that you have ordered with a purchase order. Several of the windows have broken glass. Describe how you will deal with the situation to ensure the glass is repaired and the windows are paid for.

Question 11

Provide three (3) methods of reducing the risk of site theft.

Question 12

If you have materials stolen from your building project describe what you will do?

Question 13

List five (5) Acts that regulate business administration in Victoria.

Question 14

You have signed a domestic building contract for a project valued at $21,500. What is the maximum amount you can claim for a deposit?

Question 15

You complete a variation to a building project without completing the appropriate paperwork in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. Your client refuses to pay for it. Do you have a claim to recover the cost of the variation?

Question 16

You deduct $500 from a sub contractor’s invoice because you thought the quality of the job was not up to the required standard.  The sub-contractor takes you to VCAT. Who wins and why, and what should have been the proper dispute resolution?

Question 17

What do the following acronyms stand for?

Question 18

Describe the advantages of quality assurance system to a building business.

Question 19

What is a mandatory inspection and when are they required for a domestic building?

Question 20

What certificates must be forwarded to the building surveyor when applying for an occupancy permit?

Question 21

Describe the process for communicating in writing a notice of unsatisfactory work to the appropriate individual. 

Question 22

What is the legislative process involved that ensures that you met the Domestic Building contract quality standards?

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