CPCCBC4008 Assessment Task 3 - Minor Project

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Assessment Task 3 - Minor Project


You must complete this assessment task on your own and are not to work in groups. It must be your own work.

Part 1

Compile a site diary based on 3 days of consecutive site building works for a minimum of one (1) project.

Your diary must include at the least 5 examples of any of the following possible site activities:

  • Brief description of works undertaken for the day
  • Meetings attended – WH &S
  • Possible construction delays that occurred – causes
  • Client visits to site or client communications
  • Incidents or near misses
  • Major materials issues
  • Industrial relations issues (e.g union disputes)
  • Receipt of important documents and drawings
  • Weather conditions
  • The number of workers in various trades
  • Materials delivered to site, the quantity used and retained
  • Items of plant on site, working or idling, including reasons for being idle.
  • Concreting activity, the location and quantity of the mixes poured a brief description of the completed work with the approximate amount done
  • Work carried out in connection with a utility service (e.g., electrical supply, mains water)
  • Instructions issued to the contractor
  • Visits by key stakeholders both internal and external
  • Records of important phone calls
  • Allocation of human resources (HR)
  • Communications with regulatory bodies
  • Information gathered from a site meeting

Part 2

Create a site instruction template that can be used for the communication of all site related information to internal and external stakeholders for the selected project/s.

Part 3

Visit a minimum of one (1) building project/s and ask the site manager how they would handle the following scenario:

  1. The union delegate wanted to take the CFMEU union workers off site over an outstanding WHS scaffolding issue. Scaffolding was completed by an un-licenced worker who was reprimanded by you
  2. This delay leads to the cancellation of the claim inspection by the principal’s architect.
  3. Delivery trucks have arrived on site, with external aluminium wall cladding that was cancelled by way of variation to the client

Record in the site diary page and show how each event would be detailed and required actions noted and documented.

Prepare a one (1) page report detailing the significant requirements for the project/s.  State the:

  • Project name & address
  • Date visited
  • Stage of project construction
  • Contact name and phone number of either Site Supervisor/Site Manager/Project Manager

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