CPCCBC4005 Produce Labour and Materials Schedules for Ordering

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Assessment Task 4 - Project

From the set of house plans supplied to you in CPCCBC4012 and referred to in Assessment 1 of this unit, produce a 1:50 scale workshop drawing of the kitchen as would normally be supplied to the cabinetmakers. The plans should include the following minimum data:

  • Demonstrate plan layout and wall to wall dimensions in millimetres
  • Demonstrate at least one elevation view of joinery with dimensions in millimetres and showing overall height of joinery and cabinetry items, laminate top depth, and skirtings
  • Show door swings and spacing on plan, and any overhangs
  • Show GPO positions on plan

Assessment will be on neatness of presentation and correct placement of cabinets as per plans supplied.

Don’t forget to add a title block identifying you as the draftsperson, date of drawing and drawing scale as a minimum.

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