CPCCBC4005 - Assessment Task 3: Major Project

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Assessment Task 3 - Written Task

Prepare a construction schedule for a low-rise commercial project

You’ve been asked by a developer you know and trust to provide a draft construction schedule to build a 1,000m2 GFA single storey warehouse on a flat site in Airport West. The developer intends to have a concrete slab, tilt slab walls with roller door entrance and a steel framed and colourbond sheeted roof. Natural light, ventilation, off streetcar parking to NCC requirements. The building will contain a 50m2 office, a 10mlockable store, a 5m2 kitchenette with the usual appliances, a 6-metre-high roller door entry and two accessible unisex toilets. The developer is planning on getting a building permit in six weeks and likes your previous work.

Construction Schedule

  1. Create a draft construction schedule for the warehouse using Miscroft Excel. The schedule is to commence on the date of building permit issue and finish on the date of handover to the owner. Your trainer will assist you with setting up your schedule in excel if you would like help.
  2. Provide a draft Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project and list each trade with its duration (approximate number of working days on the project) into your schedule.

Labour and Materials Schedules

  1. To back up your draft schedule, create a separate table for the project listing each trade and insert your estimates of the number of personnel likely to be working on site (maximum at any one time). You should ensure that orders Your trainer will assist you with setting up your schedule in Excel if you would like help.
  2. Create a separate table for the project and list the materials and approximate quantities required to construct the warehouse for at least four of the trades in your schedule.

Call Forward Sheets

  1. Prepare a call forward sheet using Excel and list the key material types and quantities required for the project for the four trades you selected in 4.0 above and when they would need to arrive onsite. To complete this tasks, list the number of working days it will take for your materials to arrive on site from the date that you order them. Then list the date you’ll need to order them by. Your trainer will assist you with setting up your schedule in Excel if you would like help.

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