CPCCBC4004 Identify and Produce Estimated Costs for Building and Construction Projects

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Assessment Tasks


Assessment Task 1- Written Assignment


You must complete this assessment task on your own and are not to work in groups.  It must be your own work.

Assessment Directions

  • Refer to the project drawings ( trainer to select one of appropriate set based on class experience) and estimating worksheets provided. Develop an estimate of cost for the following:
  • Preliminaries
  • Concrete Slab on Ground (waffle pod)
  • Brickwork

Include the following:

  • Material types - as listed individually
  • Labour requirements - as listed individually
  • Equipment hire - where/if required

Note: All items listed must be addressed, if not required the quantity should be “0”.


Assessment Task 2 - Written Questions


Students are required to provide a satisfactory response to each question below to complete this assessment.

Question 1

What minimum data (and from which sources) is required to undertake an estimate?

Question 2

List five (5) items of plant and equipment used on building projects which would need to be costed and included in a tender or bill.

Question 3

Define “Unit Cost”.

Question 4

Describe six (6) overheads costs that need to be included in an estimate.

Question 5

Describe how you use the completed project estimate to communicate relevant information to (a) tradespeople and (b) the client.

Question 6

Describe four (4) examples of legal & regulatory authority requirements to be considered i.e. local council, state government, OHS.

Question 7

What are the two (2) codes applicable when estimating costings for building and construction projects?

Question 8

Name the typical standards referenced in the NCC for the minimum design load on structures.

Question 9

Describe the process for applying company overhead recovery and margins.

Question 10

List six (6) different types of building and construction drawings and specifications you may be required to read and interpret when estimating costs for a building and construction project.

Question 11

What are 5 digitally based technologies and applications that can be used to access, extract, integrate and compile information?


Assessment Task 3 - Project

The student must demonstrate their ability, through communication and interpersonal skills, an understanding of reading & interpreting plans & specifications and communicating key requirements to project stakeholders in producing estimated costs for building & construction projects.

This a group task, and each group is to work together to answer the questions below and addressing the following core points:

Core Points:

  • Identify materials for a project
  • Allocate sub-trades and other human resources to a project
  • Identify and allocate preliminaries to a project
  • Identify and allocate overheads to a project
  • Meet statutory & planning approval requirements for a project

You are assisting a builder with preparing a tender for a 10-unit development in Rowville. To save time, the builder has asked you to list various items that need to be allowed in the tender (items only not prices).

  • Using the table below, the Builder asks you to list three (3) elements for the project and identify a list of the types of materials and set-up items for each trade constructing those elements.
  • What builder’s preliminaries should be listed for each trade you have chosen? Name three (3) preliminaries for each trade.
  • What builder margin/overheads should be listed for charging to the project? Name five (5) for the project.

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