CPCCBC4001 Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 1 and 10 buildings

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Assessment Task 1 – NCC requirements


Students must complete this assessment task on their own and not work in groups.

The intent of this assessment task is to demonstrate student’s ability to navigate apply building codes and standards.

The Trainer will guide students through the process to complete this assessment task.

You are assisting in a residential project at design stage. The project specifications include timber frame to be used but the area of which the construction is to take place on is listed as a termite prone area. The client wants to change the timber frame spec to a steel frame to avoid possible implications caused by termites.

The client knows someone who erects steel sheds for a living and knows they can purchase material directly from them. To save money, all the client needs are a set of plans to forward to their friend to cut the steel members to size and they can erect the steel frame themselves once the slab is down.

As a knowledgeable person of the building industry, your concern using non-compliant steel is raised. You will research a suitable material that will comply with conformity and demonstrate the requirements to achieve this.

  1. Using the NCC Vol 2, describe what a Performance Requirement is and its Objectives.
  2. Using the NCC Vol 2, Describe the requirements for Performance Solution and Assessment Methods, Deemed to satisfy, Building Classifications, and Passive and Active Fire Protection Requirements.
  3. Using plans provided to you by Parker Brent. Choose any 3 Requirements you have just found above and write a brief description on their relevance to the drawings/plans.

Your answer will have 3 requirements you chose, and each will consist of 3 parts;

  1. A reference from the NCC Vol 2
  2. Using a Snipping Tool paste an image highlighting where the requirement relates to.
  3. A brief description in your own words on how the NCC requirement of your choice relates to the drawing.
  1. Using the internet, search https://truecore.com.au/ and download the ‘truecore-steel-g450-data-sheet’. From this sheet, provide a list of;
  1. a) Guaranteed minimum Mechanical properties.
  2. b) Australian Standard to be used as part of the Performance Solution
  1. Using internet search, what impact does a steel frame have on the Environment.
  1. Now that you have done the above research, your client wants to know why all the fuss over compliant and non-compliant material.

Write a short email to your client explaining the importance of suitable material and the costly concerns using non-compliant materials can cause. Especially that of non-compliant material used for structural performance with respect to loads and forces.

Assessment Task 2 - Communications

How would you communicate with a client to:

  1. Propose Performance solutions, using questioning to identify and confirm requirements, share information, listen & understand
  2. Understand documentation from a variety of sources, including NCC, drawings & specifications and other reference documents

Ensure that you use language and concepts appropriate to cultural differences including “non-verbal” communication, in addition to written skills to complete documentation in accordance with NCC requirements.

Write a one-page submission detailing the most valuable insights/experiences you have gained as a result of this task.

Assessment Task 3 - Calculations


  1. The proportional “Combination of Light” from windows and roof lights for class 1 buildings with room areas of 100, 150, 200 square metres respectively.

Write a minimum, one page report outlining your answers, supported by calculations.


Assessment Task 4 - Written Assignment


The intent of this assessment task is to demonstrate your ability to apply building codes and standards.

You must complete the assessment task on the forms provided.

Question 1

On the forms provided, identify the following:

  1. The relevant Australian Standards for each stage (activity) of the constructionProvide the name, year and number of each Standard.
  2. Name the section of the NCC that each of the activities relates to:

Reference documents:   NCC Schedule Referenced Documents and SAI Global unit attachments.

Remember more than one standard or code may apply to any activity.  Each activity involves various works or related works, hence the appropriate standards, and codes should also be determined.

Question 2

Identify the passive and active fire control elements required by the NCC and other legislation.

Question 3

Describe how compliance with the NCC performance requirements can be achieved.

Question 4

Describe assessment methods that would comply with the NCC requirements.

 Question 5

List and describe what project documentation would be required to satisfy the NCC requirements.

Question 6

List the correct classification of the types of building construction set out on the following table.

Type of Building Classification of Building
3-bedroom single storey home
4-bedroom 2 storey home
5 x 3-bedroom two storey residences
6 x 2 storey villas
10 storey building – 1st floor retail, 2nd floor office fit out,3rd – 10th floor apartments
Hotel complex – inclusive of kitchens, restaurant, laundry
Boarding house – 10 rooms
Dormitory building in university grounds
Railway goods yard machinery shop
Multi-storey carpark

Question 7

Define the following common technical terms specified under governing requirements of the NCC.

Assessment Task 5 - Project

Question 1

Using the drawing below, identify five (5) Australian Standards that are listed in the NCC and required to be complied with.

Question 2

Identify and document any possible non-conforming construction methods and materials against NCC Performance Requirements.

List three (3)

Question 3

What industry professionals would you propose and discuss Performance Solutions with?

Question 4

Analyse and apply Assessment Methods to determine compliance with Performance Solution or Deem-to-Satisfy Solution (DTS).

List four (4)

Question 5

What actions are required to ensure the above listed items are incorporated into the plans so that they comply with Building Permit Requirements?

Question 6

Refer to the website - www.vba.vic.gov.au and/or your local council website. List five (5) documents that are required for Applications for a Building permit.

Question 7

You are to prepare a five (5) minute presentation for your trainer/assessor discussing your answers to the above questions, focussing on how the above floorplan meets the NCC requirements.

Assessment Task 6 - Written Questions

Question 1

What is the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC)?

Question 2         

List the name and description of the National Construction Codes of Australia (NCC) which contains information about domestic buildings.

Question 3

What are the key sections (hierarchy) of the structure of the NCC?  List the parts or provide the diagram.

Question 4

Describe the term “deemed to satisfy provisions” defined in the NCC.

Question 5

What is an Australian Standard?

Question 6

Describe the following Classes of buildings.

Question 7

What is the purpose of the fire resistance and safety provisions for Class 1 buildings?  List three (3).

Question 8

Name the following Australian Standards.

Question 9

What are the three (3) things measured to determine the ‘Fire Resistance Levels’ of construction.

Question 10

When is it mandatory to install smoke alarms?  (Refer to NCC).

Question 11

List six (6) characteristics of building materials and their effects on performance of buildings.

Question 12

Describe the basic design principles and behaviour of structures when they are under load.  Describe all five (5) below:

Question 13

What are the NCC requirements for multiple classifications?

Question 14

Describe what ‘suitability of building materials and products’ means as stated in NCC?

Question 15

What forms of evidence are required to satisfy suitability?


Assessment Task 7 - Project documentation

Read, apply and interpret relevant documentation and codes for one (1) project, specifically:

  1. Comply with organisational quality procedures and processes,
  2. Accurately apply NCC performance requirements relating to the design and construction of a building,
  3. Understand the assessment methods available to determine compliance with the NCC,
  4. Identify faults, problems and proposed action to rectify.

Write a one page submission for the project, detailing the relevant information you have gained as a result of this task.

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