CP70044E Security Operations & Assurance

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Assignment 2:          

Enterprise Operational Systems Upgrade (note: this is a fictitious scenario)
Scenario A UK wide enterprise dealing with taxation management has its head office in Leatherhead Surrey. They are looking to enhance their business across the border to include Spain and Germany. The nature of the data at hand requires careful management of the stored information. They should make sure that no adversary can get hold of their information. For this, they are hiring a Security Operations and Assurances officer. The key task for such a person is to make sure that a proper formulation and idea is followed to ensure that this business remodelling is beneficial for the company.The SOA officer will thus have to devise a System Development lifecycle and look at all the aspects of the implementation. The following are the two states of the system with a brief overview of the before and after condition of the network. This is mere a sample situation, you can work with your imagination to improve it. You as the SOA need to do the following tasks:


·         Define what network components are being used. Explain in detail different network structures such as the use of LAN, WAN or VPN’s where necessary.

·         Define the SDLC that you would use for the enhanced network. Use explanation with each step and also provide a timeline for the different steps that you would use. You also need to explain how each timeline is being set.

·         Explain the set of risks you for see. Write in detail which risks could you mitigate, and which risks will be left in the system

·         Write in detail how you would test the system. Your testing should cover

o   Stress testing

o   Functional testing

o   Non-functional testing

·         Explain what will be covered by the incident response team and how would you recommend to improve the operation of the incidence response team.

Guidelines for the report

Each student will develop an individual report covering at least one aspect of the system design in some detail. The report would ideally be less than 20 pages.Submit the individual report document into TurnItIn on Blackboard.


The proposed SOC should try and cover the core aspects identified in the description and should go into some detail in one or more areas. Please refer to the marking scheme below for guidance.

Communication skills are essential for professionals; technical report writing is a key skill in the commercial sector. Please ensure that your report offers a professional standard is fully referenced and conforms to UWL Harvard referencing standards.

Task 1: Produce a technical report to support the development of SOC against the set scenario. The report should be less than 20 pages long.


This module in Security Operations and Assurance covers skill groups:

D (Information Assurance Methodologies)

F1 (Incident Management)

G (Audit Assurance and Review)

H (Business Continuity Planning and Management).

The following attributes identify key needs to be included in the technical report.

·         Demonstrate a clear understanding of the current knowledge and good practice of security operations and assurance.

·         Demonstrate abilities to critically analyse and understand in order to produce logical practises against bespoke requirements.

·         Demonstrate skills in security assessment and testing in order to assure a high degree confidence and trust.

·         Identify areas for further investigation and look at one of these areas in addition to the network design.

·         Identify key critical success factors in developing this solution.

·         State any significant assumptions that have been made.

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