COU101 Counselling Theory and Practice 1 - Assessment 3: Self- Reflection Essay

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Assessment 3

Part A Observed interview with client (10 minutes) 20% Due before or on week 10 and by appointment with your lecturer

Part B: Self-reflection essay (1000-1200 words) 20% Due week 11

Description: This two-part assessment requires students to

  1. Conduct an interview with a client using the case study in Assessment 2 demonstrating key counselling skills including active listening, empathy and

This is to be done face to face in front of your lecturer at an agreed time in tutorials

  1. Produce a 1200-word self- reflection of the video identifying the skills

In responding to this topic, consideration should be given to:

  • Features of the practice theory underpinning the interview
  • Why this practice theory was selected
  • How it informs your approach
  • Strengths and limitations of the skills shown in practice

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