COS80023 Big Data - Learning Summary Report

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For this task, you will need to understand your project/problem and the requirements of the client (industry). You have to investigate current research relates to your project/problem and try to identify themes or ideas that you come across, for example, are there particular topics that are popular, or is there a key problem that has many different possible solutions? Your report needs to be structured so that someone not familiar with your area of interest can follow it. The report should contain:

Front page with the title of your project
Table of contents

Part A

Literature Review - In regards to your project topic, Compare your viewpoints and arguments with your project scope. You will need to find (journals, conference papers, reports) reference existing studies as an example in regards to your topic given. Does the key problem of your project have different possible solutions? If there are a few examples please refer to those articles. Please check the reading materials below for a literature review.
Methodology - you are required to identify and explain the research method(s) that have been applied in the area you are investigating. You will need to reference existing studies that applied such methods

Part B (In this section, team members will discuss similar ideas/points for project description, goals, objectives, outcomes, benefits, scope, and deliverables except for the learning issue (individual), which differs in an individual way of explanation to avoid plagiarism)
Background of the Project - Define the problem statement clearly
Project goals and Objectives - Explain clearly what is your project goals and objectives
Desired outcomes and benefits - Make clear points and detail with enough information included.
Learning issue/problem - Define the learning issue assigned to you in your team
Project Scope and Exclusions - Think what are project in-scope and out-of-scope required from the client
Project Deliverables
Project Management Plan
Goals and Milestones
Team breakdown and duties

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