COM728 Programming for Problem Solving - Assessment 2

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Assessment Task

You are required to upload a screen recording showing a demonstration of your final working solution. This should be an MP4 video file or Panopto file of no more than 10 minutes in duration and less than 250 MB in size. The recorded demonstration should show you opening your project in Jupyter Notebook to show all the structure of your project, executing it and the result of selecting option. You should also show evidence of the development of the software artefact. You need to include a voice over briefly explaining in technical aspect of the implementation. There might be a question session later if it is needed by request from tutor.

Demonstration Outline

  • Introduce yourself: your name
  • Brief structure of your project
  • Demonstrate the project work and results:
    • Demonstrate and discuss the technical implementation of the column and condition from you own selection in task a4.
    • Demonstrate and discuss the technical implementation of analysis result based on your own selection in task b4.
    • Demonstrate and discuss the technical implementation of visualisation of your choice on task

You should justify the reason of your selection to retrieve/analyse/visualise that specify columns/information.

It is crucial that the software you present matches the software development you have implemented and submitted for AE1. If you demonstrate different software from what you submitted, it will lead to a failing grade for your presentation.

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