COIT20253 Business Intelligence Using Big Data - Assessment 2

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Assessment Task: This is an individual assessment.

This is an individual assessment. You are advised to clearly disclose when GenAI tools are utilised in your assessments and are advised to validate the accuracy and reliability of GenAI-generated outputs through rigorous testing and validation processes before incorporating them into assessment, else you will be penalised as per the Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure of CQUniversity. You are also expected to mention the validation processes you have conducted so that the reliability and accuracy of your findings can be confirmed and upheld for the marking as a separate section in the report called “Use and Validation of GenAI Tool”, and by completing the survey.

In this assessment, you will be presenting your big data strategy document by choosing an application of Big Data in one of the following industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Retailing, Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, or Travel. You can choose the same industry as your Assessment-1. You will develop a strategy document for the business application of your choice using the dataset that you identified in Assessment-1 and deliver a presentation based on this strategy document.

In the first step, you will come up with a targeted business strategy. You will then break down the business strategy into associate key business initiatives, followed by outcomes and critical success factors to support those business initiatives. Afterwards you will identify the specific tasks that need to be executed to support the targeted business initiatives. Next, you will identify the data sources required to support your business initiatives in addition to the datasets that you have chosen in Assessment-1.

Once you have completed the strategy document, you will turn the strategies into actions by identifying the Big Data analytics, business intelligence requirements. You will also specify how the data will be used to gain actionable insights that would help your business initiatives.

The process of creating the strategy document and turning those strategies into actions and the outcomes of the process should be clearly illustrated in your presentation.

The presentation will start from week 10 and continue till week 12. The mode and time of presentation for DISTANCE students will be determined by the Unit Coordinator.

Assessment Submission:

You must upload the presentation file to Moodle by the above due date.

Assessment Criteria:

You will be assessed based on your ability to develop Big Data strategies for data-centric organisations to meet client requirements, and to apply Big Data architecture, tools, and technologies for decision making and problem-solving.

The marking criteria for this assessment are as follows. Demonstrated Understanding of Strategy Document - 6 marks Turning Strategies into Actions - 6 marks

Clarity, Consistency and Structure of Presentation - 3 marks

Use of Quality References - 3 marks

Visual Aids - 3 marks

Time Management - 2 marks

Quality Response to Questions - 2 marks

In your report an appendix should be attached answering the following questions if you have used GenAI tool. These questions are just to gain the unit and assessment understanding.

  1. Have you used any Generative AI tool to craft your assignment? If Yes, please declare which one.
  2. What specific tasks or aspects of your assignment did you use Generative AI tools for?
  3. Did you find Generative AI tools helpful in enhancing your productivity or creativity during the assignment process? If so, how?
  4. Were there any challenges or limitations you encountered when using Generative AI tools for your assignment?
  5. How did the use of Generative AI tools influence the quality or outcome of your assignment?
  6. Did you collaborate with others while using Generative AI tools for your assignment? If yes, how did this collaboration influence your use of Generative AI tools and the overall assignment process?
  7. Did you receive any guidance or training on how to use Generative AI tools effectively for academic assignments?
  8. In retrospect, would you choose to use Generative AI tools again for similar assignments in the future? Why or why not?

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